Daria Van Tyne, PhD

0032Daria Van Tyne grew up in Golden, Colorado, and received her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from Vassar College in 2006. She spent a year as a Fulbright researcher in Granada, Spain, then went on to earn her PhD in Biological Sciences from the Harvard School of Public Health in 2013. Daria joined the Gilmore Lab in June, 2013, and is working on functional genomics and drug resistance in the enterococci. She is also a Resident Tutor at Lowell House, where she advises Harvard undergraduates.

Current Research Interests

Microbial pathogenesis, functional genomics, epidemiology, molecular microbiology, drug resistance

Other Research Interests

Molecular parasitology, regulation of gene expression, and malaria epidemiology, surveillance, and drug resistance


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Dr. Gilmore's lab focuses on antibiotic resistance mechanisms in bacteria, mainly enterococcus